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How To: Make Your Own Yo Gabba Gabba Shirts for Halloween!

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Have you ever watched the kids dancing on Yo Gabba Gabba and related all too well to that urge to "break it down"? Would you like to BE one on Halloween so you can tell all your friends, "My name is _______! I like to DAAAANCE!"?

We were fortunate to hear from Nora who tells us how she made her own costume, including the shirts! She even generously created templates that you can download for free so that you too can be a boisterous dancer on Halloween!

Nora says on her blog (LINK):

All you really need are some colorful looking clothes, some stripey socks, and the ability to bust a move. Oh, and of course you need to wear one of the characters on your shirt.

I can’t find any pictures of the girls but they usually wear a bright colored pleated skirt.

The nick jr website actually has a lot of resources, including printable iron on transfers, but I didn't want to permanently alter a shirt.

so I'm making my toodee face out of felt. I'm going to cut out the pieces, hot glue them together, and then pin them to my shirt.

It was pretty simple to make the pattern, so I made them for all the characters, if you would like to be a yo gabba gabba dancer too. Oh, and the parts that are gray should really be on white felt, but I needed them to be visible on the paper. Happy dancing!

Foofa 1

Foofa 2

Toodee 1

Toodee 2

Muno 1

Muno 2

Plex 1

Plex 2

Brobee 1


If you choose to download these templates, I hope you'll click over to Nora's blog to thank her for being so awesome.

(Thank you, Nora! We love this idea!!)