Parker Jacobs' Latest Print Now Available at!

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I was really excited to see this new print titled "Fun! Fun? Fun!" by Parker Jacobs become available at the Goon Holler store! I personally am a huge fan of Parker's, as he is not only the creator of Goon Holler (and just an incredibly friendly and all-around GREAT person, I might add), but is a huge part of Yo Gabba Gabba, known as being one of the creators of the Yo Gabba Gabba characters that we all love so much! As someone who has purchased some of Parker's other prints, I can honestly say that they are of wonderful quality and I know my family will enjoy them for many years to come, as I hope they will become a part of my kids' childhood memories as they grow older. They really are perfect for adding instant cheer to any room! I'll admit, I still feel a tad star struck every time I notice his signature on the prints... for the price they're going for, I say they're a steal!

Oh, and did you know that you can give Goons to your friends and family on Facebook? It's true! And FUN!

Here's a little peek at an episode of Story Time featuring Goon Holler, as seen on Yo Gabba Gabba!:

Taysia's Birthday Party

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Our daughter Taysia had her 5th Birthday party on Saturday Nov 15 from 1 - 3 p.m.

We created e-vites for invitations and then used printout invitations from Nick Jr. for the kids in the neighborhood. Upon R.S.V.P. I asked each parent what their child’s favorite Yo Gabba Gabba character was for the masks and coloring sheets.

For our decorations we printed out the puppet theatre stuff from Nick Jr. and I found a picture of D.J. Lance to peer over the whole thing.

For the balloons included in the print out package I used yarn.

Ashley's Plex Costume

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Ashley created this Plex costume for her five-year-old son for Halloween. We love the creative use of materials used for even the tiniest detail as we note the black screen with white eyes painted on, the yellow Crocs, the painted styrofoam and yellow rubber gloves!

Quinn's DJ Lance Costume

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Though we are featuring this as a Halloween costume, this great entry from Jody came to us just in the nick of time for Christmas! We loved the advice Jody shares with us, as parents have been writing in to tell us that they would like to make a DJ Lance Rock costume for their children for the holidays. On her blog, Jody gives important and helpful sewing advice for those who would like to take on this project for an inexpensive, yet cherished gift that your children will love throughout the year!

Click here to read Jody's blog about how to make this costume.

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Allen's Brobee Birthday Cake

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Laura sent in this great photo of this Brobee birthday cake she made for her grandson, Allen!

Laura tells us that she used store-bought lettering, which works really well as it matches the fonts used on Yo Gabba Gabba (ie the kids who like to dance!). All of Allen's guests loved the cake and knew exactly who Brobee is!

Thanks, Laura!

Mary Pat's Birthday Party

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Mary Pat's mother, Charlotte, sent us these incredible party ideas from Mary Pat's 2nd birthday! We were stoked to see that awesome hand-knitted Brobee sweater the birthday girl got to wear on her special day. In fact, the entire party was incredibly clever and unique! Oh, and check out that huge smile in the first picture; little children are so honest!

Charlotte writes:

We Celebrated Mary Pat's 2nd birthday YO GABBA GABBA STYLE!

We invited everyone to her "Yo Party Party" with homemade personalized invitations.

How To: Make a Gooble Doll

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Gabba Friend, Wendy, made this great doll-sized replica of Gooble, the crying ghost on Yo Gabba Gabba. She has shared with us easy instructions on how we can make our own!


Wendy writes:

I decided to make my own Gooble doll after seeing the Gooble doll on Yo Blogga Blogga.

I used a onesie that my daughter doesn't fit in anymore. I sketched out a quick Muno figure and cut out the fabric. Then I just hand stitched it all around except by the legs, I filled it up with cotton and stitched it shut. Then I just grabbed a black sharpie for the eyes and a red one for the mouth... and razzle dazzle! Ta! Da!

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"Come and Play" by The Clientele (MP3)

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You may have heard this sweet ditty titled "Come and Play", performed by The Clientele, aired as an animated jingle/"Jingalong" during an episode of the new second season of Yo Gabba Gabba. We received a tip that if you register for The Clientele's official forums, you can download a copy of your own MP3!

Alasdair MacLean, lead singer of The Clientele, posted in the forums about his experience working with Yo Gabba Gabba:

Jonah's Plex Costume

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Jonah's parents sent in this incredible Plex costume along with this fantastic story about how it came to be!

Our family loves Yo Gabba Gabba! This year, since Jonah was having a Halloween parade at school, Mom and Dad made several trips to Ikea and a few craft stores to put together this cool Plex costume. Using a laundry hamper, a hat box, some yellow foam sheets and a couple of other things around the house, I think we pulled it off pretty well. Extra credit to Dad who was insistent on getting the helmet to look close to the real thing.

Our 4 year old was able to get some mileage out of the costume as we celebrated Halloween for a few weeks at local events around town. We were happy to see that many were able to identify his costume. A fellow Yo Gabba Gabba fan told us about the show on Nov.1st at Amoeba Records. We had a blast!!!! Mom and Dad had just as much fun as the kids. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take photos with the cast, but it was by far, the best way to end the Halloween season. Hope to see you again soon!!

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