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Logan's 2nd Birthday!

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First off thank you for all the great ideas that are on here!! It totally made planning the party easy and fun!

We just had our lil Logan's 2nd b'day and he is totally in love with Gabba. So of course it was our theme. He is my lil dancing boy so it was only fitting that we have a Dancey dance party!

I had way too much fun making all the stuff for the party. All which were made without the birthday boy knowing! So he was quite surprised when he woke up from his nap that day.

Hopefully I can get these pictures to work for all to see our fun day!

yo gabba birthday party

Welcome Crew
yo gabba birthday party

B'day Boy Dancing
yo gabba birthday party

Cake Table
yo gabba birthday party

yo gabba birthday party

Party Tummy Toss Game
yo gabba birthday party

yo gabba birthday party

Logan loves Foofa and his Big bro loves Plex, so I made them some shirts to show that. :) I also put together a cd of all the end dance mixes to play throughout the party. We also played Dancey Dance time with another CD set up with all the special dances and DJ Lance dances. Kids had a blast with those. Setting the pictures up, I totally didn't get any pictures of the Pin the eye on Muno game bummer...that was a fun one.

More if your interested...
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Thanks again to everyone here for all the great ideas!