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Mary Pat's Birthday Party

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Mary Pat's mother, Charlotte, sent us these incredible party ideas from Mary Pat's 2nd birthday! We were stoked to see that awesome hand-knitted Brobee sweater the birthday girl got to wear on her special day. In fact, the entire party was incredibly clever and unique! Oh, and check out that huge smile in the first picture; little children are so honest!

Charlotte writes:

We Celebrated Mary Pat's 2nd birthday YO GABBA GABBA STYLE!

We invited everyone to her "Yo Party Party" with homemade personalized invitations.

My husband and I teamed up to make her a PLEX pull string piƱata filled with all kinds of treats that were SO YUMMY, SO YUMMY!

Instead of Party Bags for the kids -I made each of them a MUNO surprise party ball.

I got several small toys and treats and wrapped them up in layers of Crepe paper streamers. I started with a small tub of play dough, wrapped crepe paper streamer around it until it was totally covered, and then added other small toys (punching balloons, stickers, rings etc.) treats (candy bracelet, taffies, sweetarts) and even a few quarters. I then pasted on one big eye and used puff paint to create Muno's mouth. The children have to unwrap the balls to find all the treats.

My intention was that they were to unwrap the balls when they got home...but some kids were so excited they unwrapped them right at the party...including our boisterous birthday girl, Ms. Mary Pat!

I made table center pieces out of paper flowers with "balloon heads" that were made to look like each of the Yo Gabba Gabba Characters. Each "Gabba Flower" was in it's own personalized pot. They sat on color coordinated place mats with their little matching Yo Gabba Gabba doll. Each Center place was also coordinated with place settings of matching plates.

For games we had a DANCE PARTY. Like musical chairs- we set up a chair for each child. My husband started out as the DJ. He played the MUNO guitar and when the music stopped everyone had to sit on a chair.

Because the children were so young we made sure everyone had a chair (unlike musical chairs where there is always one less chair) Each chair had a Yo Gabba Character on it.

When the music stopped and the children were seated we pulled a picture out of the deck, and whoever was sitting in the right chair got to be DJ and play the muno guitar for the next round. Every child won their own DJ LANCE ROCK hat which I sewed using orange fleece and attached astarburst pin which I made out of foam felt and a pin back so that it could be removed when the hat needs to be washed.

Mary Pat's cake was my SWEET rendition of her favorite character... BROBEE. I baked 3 funfetti cakes in sheet cake pans and then layered, carved and frosted them in our favorite green guy's likeness.

To match her cake I knitted her a custom Brobee sweater so she was as striped, cuddly and cute as Brobee on her big day.