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How To: Create a Hand-Painted Murals for Your Child's Room

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Laura, a true fan of Yo Gabba Gabba since the VERY beginning, had a brilliant idea to paint her children's room with their favorite Yo Gabba Gabba characters! We love how cheery and happy the characters make the room!

If you would like to create a similar Yo Gabba Gabba mural in your home, Laura has offered her tips to doing so!:

"The method I used was sketching each character roughly in pencil, and then filling it in with regular old craft paint that you buy at Wal-Mart or Michael's. It comes in little 4-ounce bottles with flip top lids for about a dollar each. To give you an idea of coverage, I used two bottles of orange for DJ Lance, and three bottles of red for Muno. After I did all the painting, I outlined everything with a black paint pen. I think that REALLY makes the difference!

"It really was a labor of love, and it's not even fully complete yet. My husband is a traffic engineer and our Gabba-obsessed son, who has autism, LOVES traffic signs, so eventually I'm going to paint each character holding a sign. You can see the beginnings of this with the Plex character. He's going to hold a speed limit sign."

The following pictures are just a few that show the process, but you're going to want to click here to view her Flickr stream to see the entire progression.


Look at DJ Lance Rock's cute little bum!!! I love it!