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Funny Videos and Spoofs

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The Lord of the Dancey-Dance

Super Martian Robot Girl

Lotus' Beat of the Day

Lotus Charms Us Again!

Rowen's Party in his Tummy!

Surprise Visit at the Office...

DJ Lance Rock's Sweet Moves!

The Origins of DJ Lance Rock!

Mimi Likes to Dance!

Yo Lee and Aaron! (Intro)

Yo Lee and Aaron! (We Like to Dance!)

My Daughter's Music Video

Ricky Fitness Drum Remix

Yo Chatta Chatta!

Birthday Party Performance

Yo Gabba Gabba on Jimmy Fallon!

Mimi Likes to Dance!

Yo Gabba Gabba Makes Appearance at Radio City Music Hall!

DJ Lance and Foofa!

Yo Gabba Banana

Behind the Scenes at Yo Gabba Gabba with Angela Kinsey

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