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How To: Make a DJ Lance Rock Halloween Costume

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"Lumpyheadsmom" fills us in on how she made this incredible DJ Lance Rock costume for her cute "Lumpyhead" for Halloween 2007!

Close ups of the costume:

Lumpyheadsmom says that while making the hat, it took a few tries to get the fitting right:

She ordered some chunky glasses frames, specifically Men's black-rimmed glasses from ebay, with no-power lenses.

Then she made the shirt, pants, and hat using this pattern from Simplicity, then glued felt trim onto them. Lumpyheadsmom says, "'Made easy' would be the key selling point about this pattern, because I'm a lousy seamstress. It still took nearly two weeks." Though she didn't say how she created the "ROCK" belt buckle, it appears that she used glitter paint, or we suggest gluing rhinestones onto the felt:

To make that great boom box, Lumpyheadsmom borrowed her friend's poker chip case and decorated the outside with paper to look just like DJ Lance's signature boom box! Inside, she placed homemade dolls she made using the puppets from Nick Jr.'s website She printed the puppets out onto transfer paper, sewed up a little pouch, and stuffed it with batting.

Look how picture perfect little Lumpyhead looked on Halloween!

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