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Official Petition to Create a DJ Lance Doll

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Discussion in the forums has brought out the desire and need for a DJ Lance Rock doll, among other Yo Gabba Gabba merchandise.

DJ Lance is the first character we see when Yo Gabba Gabba begins, and the most prominent. Parents and kids alike love DJ Lance! He's friendly, has the sweetest dance moves, and he is always the voice of reason: "Being happy is so much fun!". Yo Gabba Gabba just would not be the same without him.

Our Yo Gabba Gabba toys are just not complete without the presence of a DJ Lance Rock doll!

As Gabba Friend Wendy so eloquently stated: "We all know that DJ lance is MIA and you really can't have YGG with out DJ Lance, it's like having muppet babies without the nanny or Mr. Rodgers without the neighborhood....Elmo with out the tickles...Cookie monster without COOKIES!!...etc. It just doesn't make sense."

Leave a comment with your name below to vote!

Modified to add:

We have since received some very useful and helpful feedback in regards to an online petition. Since we're a new website, we expect to go through some growing pains.

Two points came up:

A. It's hard to prove the validity of anonymous comments, so leaving your name helps!

B. There is a whole lot more than just DJ Lance that we would like to have!

With that information, we hope you will ALSO vote using our latest poll (click here!). Leaving comments is also helpful... let your voice be heard! If you want to see ALL of those items in the stores, say so! We will pass on all comments--including those left with this post--through the proper channels.

Your vote does matter!

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