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Caylee's Birthday Party

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Caylee turned six years old, and her mother shows us how she created Caylee's dream Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party!

Caylee's mom writes:

Caylee was so excited for her 6th birthday party. For the last 6 months she has said she wanted a Yo Gabba Gabba Party.

I printed the puppets on the NickJr site to decorate the treat bags. The treat bags came from Target and are available in the the 5 colors needed to match the characters. I also used the iron-on transfers from NickJr to make each child a shirt that matched the treat bags.

I decorated 5 tables- one for each character and used my daughters plush toys as center pieces.

I had to get creative with the cakes. Wal-Mart makes a cupcake Cactus cake, and I ask if they could do stripes of light and dark green. If you go this route be careful because even though they had written horizontal stripes, they put them on vertically. I had to take it apart and put it back together to get the colors to line up, then I painted on the Brobee face with icing.

I also ordered a second Happy Birthday Cake, and added the figures. The figures were purchased at Toys R Us. (Pictured at top.)

We watched the new Yo Gabba Gabba video. It was so much fun!