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My Brobee Tree Topper!

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We've had our tree for the last 3 years and I just never found the right topper that would match the ornaments or style of our tree. We saw some beautiful angel ones but they seemed too gothicy or scary looking. It dawned on me that I could make one, and I wanted to make it something special and dear to us, you know, something we'd all feel warm and fuzzy about! I borrowed Dax's Gab'n Sing Brobee and fitted him with a simple gown I made with beige felt. I hand sewed the lil' dove on the front to give it a traditional look. I added the lace to add that soft angelic feel on the sleeves and bottom of the gown. Lastly, to make the wings, I sewed pipe cleaner to the felt wings to add firmness. I then sewed the wings into Brobee's back (ouch!) to reinforce it a lil'. I sewed his "hands" together to make it look like he's praying! THIS is so us and I love it! Dax walked into the room and noticed it right away! The great thing is that I can very easily pop the seams, store the gown, and he'll have his dear ol' friend back!

I have to admit that watching the live show recently really renewed and restored my love for Yo Gabba Gabba so I thought it necessary to pay tribute!!

brobee christmas tree topper