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How to Make Easy and Affordable Party Tags for Favors

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Editor's Note: Angie (yo gabba mama) was super gracious and sent in not only this amazing step-by-step tutorial on making your own tags using Word, but she also included the original documents! I attached the documents to the images so that if you love Angie's tags exactly as they are, just click on the image you want, let it open in Word, and you can edit the text by right clicking on it and selecting "edit text". But if you would like to make your own tags from scratch, simply follow Angie's steps in the following tutorial! And if you would like to thank Angie for her huge public service, leaving a comment at the bottom of this post would be very much appreciated!

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Yo Gabba, Brobee Labels
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Yo Gabba, Foofa Tags
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DIY Tutorial to Design Your Own!:

I have been planning my daughters 3rd birthday and my sons 1st birthday party for about 3 months now. The party isn’t until February so I have plenty of time to come up with crafty things and ideas that are easy and cheap to make. Rather than pay someone to design favor tags/stickers for me I decided to experiment with Microsoft Word and see if I could figure it out myself. And here is how I did it!

First download Yo Gabba Gabba clipart. You can either go to a site or just google “Yo Gabba Gabba” and click on the Images tab at the top. This will show all of the images on the web that are Yo Gabba Gabba.

Open Microsoft Word. Down at the very bottom of the screen there is a “AutoShapes” icon with a dropdown arrow. Click on it to see all of the auto shapes you can make. I chose the “Stars and Banners”. Click on the shapes you want to make. Next click on the “star” design you want. I chose the one that has 16 in the middle. On the screen where your cursor is there will be a cross where your pointer was. Click the left button on your mouse, hold it down and drag the design as big or little as you would like. You can modify the size by clicking on it and adjusting the boxes around the perimeter of it. The design will be black and thin so I wanted to change that. One you have the size how you want it, right click on the design and then select the “Format Autoshape” at the bottom of the dropdown menu. This is where you will also modify the clipart and text you design in the next steps. On the “Colors and Lines” tab you can change the color of the outline, the color on the inside of the shape and the width of the line. I chose on the “Fill” color, NO FILL IN. Then I chose what color I wanted for the line, and changed the “width” up to 3. Next click the “Layout” tab at the top. Select “Behind the Text” and click okay. To make the same shape on the entire page I just clicked on the design, then right click, “Copy”, and then “Paste”. Then click on the new “copied” star and drag it to wherever you want it on the page. Continue to copy and paste for the entire page. Make sure to watch your margins and don’t go outside of the printable area. Next to put text in the original star/design I chose WordArt. There is an icon at the bottom of your page that is a blue “A”. This is the shortcut for WordArt. Click the blue “A” and then choose the arched word art that is the 3rd one on the first row. A box will appear and you can type you saying such as “Thank you for coming to our party!” in the box. Chose what style font and size, preferably size 14 font. I added some spaces to the end of my sentence so it doesn’t look like it’s all smashed together by hitting the spacebar 4 times after I finished my sentence. Type it in and click okay. It will be in its own separate box and this is where you will make the saying become a full circle to fit inside your star. Make the text box larger by using the little boxes on the perimeter of the star. You will notice a small yellow square on the left side of the box. This is what will make the arch become a circle. Click and hold the yellow square and play with moving it down and to the right. You will see a dotted line appear and this is how the shape of the text will look. Make sure the box is around the text so you can size and move it around. Drag the text inside the star. You can still adjust the size and text once you drag it. A small box will stay at the bottom of the screen while you have the box around the text. To keep the text in the position you want it just click outside the box. To edit the color just look at the bottom of the screen and click the icon with the paint bucket and pen. On the “Color and Lines” tab you can change the color of the inside of the letters and the outline. I chose the same color fill and outline. Once you decide on the colors go to the “Layout” tab and click “In front of Text” so it will appear in front of the star and not behind it. Then click OK. If the position of you text isn’t how you want it in terms of inside the box you and twist the design inside the box. Click the text and make sure that box comes up around it, then on the bottom of the screen right beside the tab that says “Draw” there is a blue circular arrow with a green dot inside. Click that tab and that will bring up green dots at the four corners of the text. Your cursor will now become the circular arrow. Put your cursor/arrow over one of the green corners and hold down the left mouse button and drag it in a circular motion until your text begins where you want it to inside the star. You can adjust the circular shape by clicking on it and adjusting it to fit. Next just right click on the text and select “Copy”, then right click on the page and select “Paste”. Keep doing this until you have pasted enough of the circular text so there is one in every star for the entire page. Next you want to add a picture. Find the picture you want to add in the middle whether it is from the web or your computer. Right click on the picture, select “Copy”, then go to the star page and click “Paste”. The image will be on the screen and you can adjust the size of it by clicking on it and bringing up the boxes around it. Adjust the size of the picture to fit inside the star and inside the text. Next right click on the picture and select “Auto format Picture”. Only use the “Layout” tab. Under the “Layout” tab select “In front of Text”. Now you can position the picture inside the star, inside the circular text. You can continue to adjust the size of the star/text/picture by clicking on them and adjusting the boxes around them. Next just right click on the picture and select “Copy”, then right click on the page and select “Paste”. Keep doing this until you have pasted enough of the pictures so there is one in every star/text circle for the entire page.

Print on Cardstock paper. I chose white but you can choose whatever color you want. Print as many as you want. I repeated these steps for each character tag. Cut all of the shapes out. You can also cut out the similar shape in a different color paper but larger size, and glue this designed one on to that one to give it definition. You can punch a hole in the top of the tag, add a string and use it as a tie on, or you can glue it to your desired item, or finally you can use double-sided tape to attach it to suckers, bags, etc.

Play around with all the steps using different colors, line widths, pictures to get different looks! Also, you can elect not to use text at all and make confetti or tables. Just make the images/designs smaller. I did this using circles instead of stars and just putting a character picture in it!! I hope you enjoy this…..and it saves you money! It saved us tons of money!!